Virtual RC


Pilot RC cars at home with this realistic RC Simulator




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Are you an RC fan? So you are one of those user who are waiting for the weekend to catch your RC car and go to a circuit and pilot your RC model.

Now you don?t need to wait for the weekend, go outdoors and you willbe safe of crashes thanks to this marvellous RC simulator.

Virtual RC includes lots of real circuits all around the world and hundreds of real RC models, tourings, sports,

You can select the fuel, tires, radio or engine brand, as long as the chassis, scale and class.

It allows you to play online races or to practice offline, including in the race the number of cars you want. When playing you choose the view (Driver's stand,, inside the car, TV or rear car view).

If you like RC cars, this is your game and if not, it is a good way of introducing this great hobby.

If you have an expert radio, you can connect it to your PC and control your car with your radio.

The demo version includes several RC cars and Oslo, RC Speedway and VRC Drift & Stunt Park tracks.

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